Laser engraving is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your board or coaster. Names, monograms, logos, flourishes, graphics, etc.

There are many examples of customizable artwork, such as split monograms, you can select from, however, we are happy to engrave your own designs. There are also designs available from websites like Etsy, although we recommend that you contact us with the specific artwork before purchasing any artwork as we are not able to complete all designs.

Finding Art:

Adding graphics can help you customize the board you order. You may want to add a picture of a favorite animal, a silhouette of your ancestral country, or any number of other graphics or images. Thankfully, there are many digital artists who have their work available to use, often for only a couple of dollars or less! You can find many high quality designs on places like Etsy.com or free-dxf.com and many others by including terms like 'digital art', 'dxf' or 'svg' in your search.

Single color images are best for engraving.

All colors in your image will engrave the same amount, so sadly, if you wanted a picture of a rainbow, this is how it would turn out. Doesn't quite have the same flair. But fear not, there are plenty of single color designs that are visually striking.


As a business, the art must be available with a commercial license, not a license for personal use. Depending on the artist, they may have different rules about how their art is allowed to be used. Some artists sell their art for commercial and personal use at the same price; some charge extra for commercial use, and some artists do not allow their art to be used for commercial purposes at all. If you find graphics that you like, feel free to send us the link and we are happy to look into the licensing and could try to source similar alternatives if the artwork you want is not available.


We want to make sure that you are happy with your design. In order to allow you to see your design on the board beforehand, we will send digital mockups of the board with your engraving on it for your approval. If your design is something simple like a name, unless otherwise specified, we will send a batch of mock-ups in a variety of fonts for you to choose from. We are happy to make any alterations to your engraving, such as changing the position, size, font, etc. until you are happy with the design. Here are just a few examples of the mock-ups we will send you. The white text in the lower corner of each mock-up is the font used.