Item #: CN-Sapele3

These solid hardwood tealight candle holders are a great way to add some ambiance to any room. Measuring only 3 inches by 8 inches, they can fit nearly anywhere. Each candle holder will come with two white unscented tealight candles. We also sell scented tealight candles.

Single - $15

Want to make your candle holder a little more customized? Try LASER ENGRAVING them with your company name, logo, etc. for an additional $10. Thinking of ordering a batch? We will drop the engraving price to $5 for orders between 5-15candle holders, and only $3 for orders of 16 or more.


Candles often involve fire. Fire is dangerous. Make responsible decisions. Do not place fire near curtains, piles of paper, bails of dry hay, bathtubs filled with gasoline, your attic full of unused 4th of July fireworks, or other similar terrible ideas.

Do not use for cooking food. It will take too long.

Do not use in lieu of road flairs. Drivers will be entranced by the ambiance and crash.

Do not use for lighting cigarettes. You can kick the habit. I believe in you!